Super X crossmember kit

We are the original! We discovered long ago how flexible Model A chassis are, Street rods need an rigid frame for the suspension to work correctly and safely, and here is the answer.

Our center crossmember is constructed of 11 gauge steel, and comes in kit form to allow Fed X shipping.

kit includes left and right side legs, cross tube to support side to side and hold frame body mounting locations, center spacing plate, right side brace and the left side brace the also is the mounting plate for the Booster and master cylinder. And complete detailed instructions.

Installation is not difficult , it will require, cutting the steel to miter to your frame sides, measuring , fitting the components and finally welding.

Super X crossmember shown installed

Why you need one! The model A chassis is very flexible, it was designed that way originally, but it doesn’t work for modern street rod chassis where you need a rigid frame to handle the suspension and torque. The flex puts strain on the body and suspension. The Super X makes your car stronger and safer.

Price $485.00