About Gary Dagel and Model A Fords

We love the Model A!

I built my first A in the early 1960’s it was a 30 Sedan I fitted to a 1936 Ford pickup chassis, as you can imagine it didn’t fit to well, so… cutting fitting , welding and cussing, it ended up being a very nice channeled A sedan with the the 36 flathead at first. then a 322 cubic inch Buick Nailhead ( the 36 Transmission didn’t hold up too well against the Buick) so out it all came and in went a 348 Chevy with a Powerglide. I got more interested in girls about that time so I sold it…. I must have been crazy.

However I was not without other wheels, my dad Tiny Dagel ( he wasn’t Tiny) owned a repair shop, this is where I grew up and worked, anyway we always had cars around and there were times I owned 5 or 6 cars at a time. Pretty cool for high school. right?

I learned how to repair, build, weld and fabricate and most all the skills I would need throughout my life..

Into the 70″s I took over the shop business and in my spare time I worked on restorations for people as well as my own cars, along the way I picked up a 1929 A Roadster, and built it with a SBC and 350 trans, We took a few trips to Bonneville Salt flats as well as rod runs and cruises,

It was in this era I started selling Hot Rod parts and working on street rods, in 1992 I relocated to Southern California in Orange (right next to Anaheim) That is where I opened Dagels Street Rods , a full service street rod shop. We built cars had a large parts dept., and began designing the product we now manufacture and sell.

2011 we moved to our new home here in Sutherlin Oregon. We now just concentrate on manufacturing our products and sell related items from selected other companies.

We know it can be a challenge for you to weld your parts together, keeping them flat and square. So we do the hard part completing the difficult critical positioning in our jigs and fixtures, then tig weld the components in place, so you can be assured of the weld quality and strength .

We do our best to give you great products, user friendly with good tech help based on experience and practical knowledge.

Gary Dagel